The Big Cloud Z3 -  Smoker  W/ Atomizer is a top of the line vape with 200W of energy for huge clouds and steady rips. This is a popular vape for its classic box look and compact size. This vape in particular doesn't use cotton, in steady it has a screw on coil that heats up the e-liquid. Most people don't mind these vapes because they are easy to use and set up. The downside to this mod is the fact you can not fully customize every aspect like other mods. On the bright side not only is this a great deal, it is one of the best complete box mods. Here on sale for a limited time!

This vape has been featured every where even Johnny Depp has been seen using this vaporizer. Its compact and powerful no wonder why a celebrity is using it. You will get some massive clouds from this liquid vaporizer for sale. Get yours now will sales are still here!

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Wall Charger/ USB charger 1 x USB - Cable

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Big R80

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