This starter pack comes with more than just the vaporizer and the charger. It also comes with 4 extra mesh screens, 3 mouthpiece sleeves, 2 rubber mouthpieces and 1 brush plus a user manual. Making this a great gift or product for people new to the vape circle. The Big Cloud Tyson 1 is a simple easy to use vape pen. The big cloud Tyson 1 is a great hand held vape for sale. You can use dry herb or medium to thick liquid not vape juice. This powerful dry herb vape for sale is the perfect gift for any dry herb smoker.

The extra pieces such as screens, rubber mouth pieces make this a great kit for any beginner to dry herb vaping. Having so many dry herb vaporizers for sale its difficult to find the right one. Here at Big Name Vapes we have broken down the vaping essentials for customers to find the best vape for them. 

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Screen Filters 5 x Screen(s)
Mouth Piece 2 x Mouthpiece(s) 3 x Mouthpiece Covers
Wall Charger/ USB charger 1 x USB - Cord
Cleaning Brush 1 x Cleaning Brush

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Big Cloud Tyson 1

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