The Snoop Dogg Micro G vaporizer is perfect for anyone that is starting to vape. Simply to assemble and use, plus its a great deal for a limited time! This vape set comes with ( 2 G Containers, 1 Snoop Dabber , G Card Grinder, Plastic Tips and Wall Charger Plus USB - Cord). That's right, we have the snoop dogg g pen for sale here at big name vapes.   It even comes with a snoop dogg beach towel that you can use at the beach!  This vape pen thought of everything even a way to dry yourself off after a long day in the sun.

Snoop Dogg knows what hes doing when it comes to designing a wax vaporizer for sale. His great build is right here for you to buy. Mostly intended for medium to thick liquid not dry herb or vape juice. The pen shape is easy to hold and hit the button at the same time. It has a nice battery charge that lasts a while. You could vape all day. 

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Card Grinder 1 x G Card Grinder
Heating Chamber 2 x Heating Chambers
Wall Charger/ USB charger 1 x Wall Adapter 1 x USB - Cord
Dabber 1 x Snoop G Dabber
Glass Containers 2 x Snoop Containers

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Snoop Pen

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